“Metafit is hard work  (press-ups seem like a rest) but it is all over in half an hour and broken down into short sharp bursts of different exercises within that time so you can't think about what you're doing and it really does go quickly, you've nearly finished by the time you've started.  You feel good for a least a few days after and the real benefit is that after only 2 sessions you feel noticeably fitter and stronger, so that's got to be good and it's only half an hour!  Despite the hard work the class is relaxed and it is a pleasure to go to and I do actually look forward to it (well at least coming home from it!).” - Clare, New Malden

“I joined Tanya’s flexible strength class just 3 months ago and have not looked back, I absolutely love it!
Despite doing bootcamps and some running my core strength was still weak and I also suffered back back problems. After just a few sessions with Tanya I already felt so much better and stronger.

As a newcomer to any form of pilates/yoga I was a little apprehensive at first but under Tanya’s instruction everything was very clear and easy to follow.Tanya’s approach is very positive and she is a great motivator, the sessions are productive and a great way to de-stress.

My fitness and core strength has increased hugely and I now enjoy running as I feel so much stronger.All credit to Tanya for her fantastic approach and techniques.” - Kat, New Malden

“Tanya is an outstanding Pilates teacher. Her classes are always interesting, challenging and thorough. She always takes the time to understand everyone’s various injuries, ailments and idiosyncrasies then offers adaptations for each person needing a tweak to a basic exercise. Tanya cares about her classes and the people who attend them which is why she has so many loyal students who stay with her for years. I thoroughly appreciate all Tanya’s efforts in helping me, over the 10yrs of attending her classes, to increase my body awareness, mobility and flexibility. I highly recommend her classes.” - Laura, Kingston

“I started Pilates because I have been suffering from an ever increasing back pain for many years. After running all sort of health checks which (thankfully) all came back negative, I came to realise that I had become a very unfit 48 year old male.

I had previously tried a gym membership, but found that left to my own devices I had very little motivation and was mostly using the wrong equipment.

At the time, a friend was already in a Pilates class with Tanya and pushed me to try what I thought was a mainly “ladies” activity. I eventually started on a one to one basis with Tanya and never looked back. Tanya was very good in assessing what I could/could not do, to start with. We then quickly started a programme of rehabilitation, which after a year has allowed me to became a lot more mobile and generally fitter. I realised the importance of breathing exercises, learned how important our core muscles actually are and how to actively use them. My posture and balance has also greatly improved and most importantly my back pain is now barely there. Furthermore, during the first year Tanya was very enthusiastic in encouraging me to follow up our class with brisk walk/jogging sessions, which I pursued on my own (although she always kept in check my progress).

I am now in my second year, and for the last six months i have been attending Tanya’s evening group class in New Malden.I really enjoy going to this weekly class because of the relaxed atmosphere and the small group of people. Tanya’s teaching attitude, attention and enthusiasm never seems to fail whether in a group or one to one and I am very grateful to her for her teachings. I have no hesitation in warmly recommending Tanya to anyone. Especially to those who like i was, are a bit exercise shy, not to mention at the thought of joining a Pilates class.” - Luigi Roselli, New Malden

"I've attended many fitness classes over the years but none compare to Tanya's classes! Her knowledge and motivational style makes every class different so you never get bored and she always encourages you to focus on achieving the correct technique to ensure the very best possible results. I've attended her Pilates classes for over 5 years now which has given me the flexibility and core strength to complete four marathons injury free! My daughter and I recently started Tanya's Metafit classes, a 30 minute workout which aims to boost metabolism and burn fat, it's tough but the results are astounding! In just 5 weeks we're more toned and I've noticed I may even have 'abs' after all!" - Justine, New Malden

“I have been attending Tanya's Pilates for several years but her Flexible Strength Class takes exercise to another level. I love the way Tanya's classes flow and with all her add ons she challenges you to attempt some of the tougher exercises. Her classes are fun and she manages to relieve some very awkward muscle tension spots.“ - Barbara, Kingston

“I can't recommend Metafit enough. It's 20 minutes of blood, sweat and tears but then it's all over and you feel so much better for it. Tanya is a great motivator and keeps the intensity up for the whole session for maximum results. I love the fact that you can cram so much into such a short period which is perfect if you don't have much time juggling a family, work and everything else you can have on your plate. “ - Lucy, Kingston

"Tanya's classes are fantastic and great fun.  Whether it's Pilates, Flexible Strength or Metafit she is always full of encouragement, will give personal attention when needed and after just a few sessions you can see and feel the difference." - Chrissie, Kingston

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