“Metafit will revolutionise
the way you exercise.”

These classes are no longer running.

All new participants are required to complete a Pre-exercise Health Questionnaire before attending a session. Download Questionnaire (pdf) and bring to your first session.


Metafit will set your metabolism on fire and seriously change your body shape.  To burn fat you need to change your resting metabolism by working big muscle groups with high intensity intervals.

Metafit training is a scientifically proven, results driven 30 minute total body workout that combines traditional bodyweight strength training exercises and the latest interval and Tabata techniques.

The best thing about it? The class only lasts 30 minutes!

Push your muscles to fatigue and elevate your heart rate so that you carry on burning calories for 24 hours after the session.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, Metafit will revolutionise the way you exercise.

The 30 minute total body class that works for 24 hours!

Metafit AT HOME

Really short on time...?

Express 30 minute training sessions will be perfect for you.  With a Metafit personal training session you can guarantee that your 30 minute workout will leave you burning calories for up to 24 hours AFTER your workout and you don't even have to leave home.  Perfect if you're a workaholic or busy mum looking to fit in a quick workout!  Share with friends to spread the cost.

Terms and Conditions (pdf)


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